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Bull In China Cocktail Set Gifts

You're already on our site reading this, so you may already know a little about our company. We focus on professional grade bar tools for working bartenders, as well as beautifully-crafted (often locally) Artisan-grade barware appreciated by just about anyone.

If you’re looking for unique gorgeous gift ideas, while we're admittledly a little biased, you've come to the right place. Here are a few highlights from our curated product catalogue.

"Flagship" Mixing Glass - $60

This mixing glass is the absolute workhorse of our company. We couldn’t find a glass that could stand up to the harsh environment of a high-volume bar, so we made one ourselves. It’s durable, it’s seamless, it can handle wild temperature changes without cracking, and best of all, it’s dishwasher safe. The hammered exterior makes it extra easy to grip, and, as a pleasant bonus, it happens to look great too.

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Mixing Glass

Artisan Mixing Glass - $120

This product really epitomizes our brand values with its combination of professional-grade functionality and locally crafted artisanship. They’re individually hand-blown right here in the Pacific NW. The mesmerizing exterior design is a side effect of the cooling process while the glass is still semi-molten. There are no other products on the market quite like our Artisan Mixing Glass!

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Bull In China Artisan Mixing Glass

The Stirred Cocktail Set - $110-125

The Stirred Cocktail Set might be the most gifted items in our line up. They're already prepackaged in a gorgeous giftbox (which takes out half the work right there!) and they’re fully customizable based on whatever your preference of tools happens to be.

You can even upgrade the set to include our Artisan Mixing glass if you REALLY want to impress your lucky gift receiver.

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Stirred Cocktail Set With Hawthorne Strainer

The Highball - $55

Our highballs are made in a very similar process to our Artisan Mixing Glass (read: meticulous attention to detail, time consuming, and totally worth it). Since the glass is less thick than the mixing glass, the warbled and chrizzled pattern on the glass is even more pronounced, creating a real showstopper of a product. We’re not even sure if these pictures do it justice. You’ll just have to see it person to get the full effect!

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Highball Glass

Neat Pour Glasses - $56

These are a huge hit with our whisky lovers. Each one is handblown "freehand" in Seattle Washington, which means no two are quite alike. We believe those aficionados who invest their time and money choosing their perfect sipper to savor, should be treated with a glass that has its own unique story to tell, as well.

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Neat Pour Glasses

Fully Loaded Barback Pack - $265 (save $100)

Weighing at just under 9 pounds and filled with 10 amazing quality bar tools, this is everything the professional bartender, aspiring bartender, or home enthusiast could asked for--and it's all packed into one very functional, very wearable place.

We don't normally offer huge discounts on a gaggle of our bestselling products, but here we are. This gift is just too good to be true!

You can give them everything they need to pursue their bartending dreams with this complete set. Take "the bar" to the next gathering of thirsty patrons and friends.

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Bull In China Fully Loaded Barback Pack
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