Many of you have asked us the story behind our clothing brand: No Religion, No Politics. Here's a short essay from our co-founder Lucas Plant to shed some light: 

Walking into the unassuming front door of a dark bar was something sacred to my grandfather. It was a place of refuge from everyday life and all the bullshit outside. 

Luckily, I was allowed alongside him in his neighborhood refuge in Emerson, New Jersey. I grew up alongside his pals, favorite bartenders, favorite waitress (they were not ‘servers' back then). My usual was fired before even opening my mouth: shrimp parmigiana and a Roy Rogers. I was allowed to sit alongside my grandfather on my own bar stool and be treated like I belonged there—like I earned my place like all those other guys. The one thing always present over the bar, and according to my Grandpa over any respectable watering hole, was the house rules. The cardinal rule of the bar. 

Number one was always “No religion, no politics.” This was to ensure that everyone there (that they approved of, of course) had that break from everyday life they needed so badly. 

He owned a moving company alongside a few of my uncles and were blue collar to the bone. So was every other patron in that establishment.  Hard working, kids of mostly German immigrant families, so as you could imagine the firm belief each one of these men had that their politics were on point and VERY strong. That sign kept everyone at peace. It set the tone for a civil drinking environment. It has since faded, but I feel it is something that—especially in this political climate—deserves to be resurrected. Have a drink…take a few minutes and forget all the bullshit outside. Tip your bartender.

Thanks Grandpa Herb, this is for you.

Modeled by our friend, Kari Young.