American Oak Baby Barrels

USA Crafted

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Did you know that the Barrel Aged Cocktail was created right here in Portland, Oregon? Thanks in no small part to one of our favorite local bartenders, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, the barrel aged cocktail grew from a quirky experiment in the basement of Clyde Common into a national phenomenon. Now, you’ll find some version of these drinks in most cocktail bars any city you visit.

These aging barrels are made of American Oak with #3 char on the inside. just like a miniature wine or whiskey barrel. After curing your barrel it will hold liquid so you can add your favorite spirit or cocktail ingredients to add the flavor, aroma, color, and depth of oak to the ingredients inside. Because it’s smaller, it ages at a faster rate than your standard whiskey or wine barrel. Think of a barrel aged Manhattan for starts. It can take several weeks to get the perfect taste but that’s the fun of it. You can taste test along the way and work towards the perfect age on whatever you’ve got inside.

These little aging vessels come from our next door work neighbors, Baby Barrels. We love featuring products from companies who’s products and values match our own. If you’re interested in more sizes or custom offerings, let us know! We’re happy to put you directly in touch with Jen and her team.


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