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Handblown in the Pacific NW, this gorgeous mixing glass inspired the creation of our company back in 2014.

Our Artisan Mixing Glasses are just as functional as they are beautiful. We think this one-of-a-kind vessel bridges the line between sophisticated equipment and functional art. It will surely become your favorite (if not only) mixing glass once you see it in person.

They're incredibly durable, made to handle huge temperature swings without cracking, and have a smooth, seamless interior (a necessity for any quality mixing glass). The exterior pattern is naturally occurring from the glass cooling, so no two are alike.

So what makes the Artisan different than our Flagship?

The Artisan series glass is made locally in the classic Venetian Hand-blown style. This is where our glassblower takes a fiery hot glob of glass and blows it up through a pipe like a balloon into our mold (much easier said than done). Once we remove it from the mold, instead of allowing the glass to cool naturally which would cause a smooth exterior surface, we shock it with cold water while it’s still semi-molten, creating that beautiful effect on the outside. It then goes through a slow annealing process, which means it heats up and cools down over a 48 hour period, making the glass pretty impervious to temperature changes thereafter. It’s also one of the heavier mixing glasses out there, which makes it that much sturdier in the face of danger.

Liquid capacity is ~22 oz / 650ml. Works with a standard julep strainer or Hawthorne strainer.

*Because of the handmade nature of this product, there may be slight variations from glass to glass. We like to think this adds character.

Also available in The Bull In China Originals Stirred Cocktail Set.

Part of Bar Set

Stirred Cocktail Set


Liquid capacity is ~22 oz / 650ml
Handblown glass.


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