Complete Bar Set with Barback Pack - Fully Loaded Version

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Weighing at just under 9 pounds and filled with 12 amazing quality bar tools, this is everything the professional bartender, aspiring bartender, or home enthusiast could asked for--and it's all packed into one very functional, very wearable place.

We don't normally offer huge discounts on a gaggle of our bestselling products, but here we are. It's the holidays and this is the perfect gift, so why not?

Why try and guess what they want when you can give them everything they need to pursue their bartending dreams with this complete set. It even comes with the perfect container to pack everything up and take it to the next spot where parched patrons and friends are eagerly awaiting expertly executed Manhattans and Margaritas.

Here's what's included:

  • Barback Pack ($125 value)
  • Flagship Mixing Glass ($56)
  • Weighted Shaker Set ($22)
  • Hammered Bell Jigger ($21)
  • Japanese Jigger ($15)
  • 12" Teardrop Barspoon ($15)
  • 16" Teardrop Barspoon ($16)
  • Stirring Wand ($13)
  • Made in PDX Hawthorne Strainer ($22)
  • Fine Mesh Strainer ($12)
  • Julep Strainer ($11)
  • V Rod Bottle Opener ($8)
  • x2 Speed Pourers ($2.75 each)

Total Value: $342.50

Actual Price? $199

That means you're getting our Barback Pack for FREE and still getting a great discount on top of that.

Could this be the single best deal of the season? Quite possibly.

*Although featured in our pictures and videos, high-end whiskeys are, in fact, sold separately ;)

Fully Loaded Pack Components

Barback Pack - BIC Originals - Bull In ChinaBarback Pack - BIC Originals - Bull In China
Barback Pack - Bartender Travel Bag
Sale price$99.99 Regular price$125.00
Cocktail Shakers - Weighted - Bull In ChinaWeighted Shaker Tins Set - Bull In China
Cocktail Shakers - Weighted
Sale priceFrom $22.00
V Rod Bottle Opener - Bull In ChinaV Rod Bottle Opener - Bull In China
V Rod Bottle Opener
Sale price$7.99
Fine Mesh Strainers - Bull In ChinaFine Mesh Strainers - Bull In China
Fine Mesh Strainers
Sale priceFrom $12.00
Heavy Julep Strainer - Bull In ChinaHeavy Julep Strainer - Bull In China
Heavy Julep Strainer
Sale priceFrom $11.00
Teardrop Barspoon - 12"/30cm (Standard length) - Bull In ChinaTeardrop Barspoon - 12"/30cm (Standard length) - Bull In China
Teardrop Barspoon - 12"/30cm (Standard length)
Sale priceFrom $14.99 Regular price$15.00