The Highball


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Don't get us wrong, we are huge advocates of using the specifically designed tools of the trade to deftly craft shaken and stirred cocktails. That said, there is something magical to the elegant simplicity of a good Highball. That very thought is what led to us to take the glass by the same name, and elevate it in the way our company has built its reputation on.

To create our Artisan Highball, we utilized the same technique that makes our Artisan Mixing Glasses so mesmerizing and applied it to this glass. Each one finishes with a unique warbled texture that results from rapid temperature changes while the glass is semi-molten--like lava flow cooling into solid rock. Each Artisan Highball ebbs, flows, and crizzles in its own distinctive way—so yours is as special as a snowflake.

Our glassblower, with nearly three decades of experience, resides just north of us in Washington. These are a truly Pacific Northwest crafted product.

 Thanks to their handblown nature, there is some variety in their total volume. On average, your glass will range from 13.5oz to 14oz.

Believe it or not, these are dishwasher-friendly, thanks to our long and slow annealing process.


100% Glass
Made in USA
6.4" tall x 2.7" wide


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