Valentine's Day Home Bar Gift Guide

  • by Elayna Hixon
Valentine's Day Home Bar Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Home Bar Gift Guide

Do you need the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the home bartender in your life? 

Lucky you, you’ve come to the right place.

At Bull In China, we focus on professional-grade bar tools for working bartenders, as well as beautifully-crafted (often locally) Artisan-grade barware appreciated by just about anyone.

We strive to bring the finest hand-crafted barware to professionals and cocktail enthusiasts around the world. We stand by what we sell and hope you enjoy the attention that goes into our products.

If you’re looking for unique gorgeous home bar gifts for the men and women in your life, while we're admittedly a little biased, we’ve got you covered. 

Take a look at our home bar gift guide below.

#1: The Shaken Cocktail Set

Shaken Cocktail Set

This Shaken Cocktail set is the perfect one-stop-shop solution. The whiskey sour, margarita and daiquiri-loving men and women in your life will thank you! 

Each set comes in a beautiful custom Bull In China gift box and includes coordinated finishes.

Included in the set is:

- Set of Weighted Shaker Tins—more specifically, a 28oz base and 18oz cheater tin

- Made in USA Hawthorne Strainer - keep the pesky pulp and ice chips out of your drink with the ultra-dense coil on our locally made version *Copper and Gold additions now come with our 100% Copper and 100% Brass Hawthornes*

- 3.5" Fine Mesh Strainer - the last line of defense between your drink and any renegade seeds, stems, or other solids you'd rather not see nestled between your teeth later

- 2:1 Bell Jigger w/internal measures (.25, .5, .75oz on the 1oz side, 1.5oz on the 2oz side). Our silver version comes with our signature Hammered bell jigger. These are a Bull in China Original. However, if you'd like the normal version, just let us know in the notes.

- Premium Bull In China Gift Box

You can get this amazing set for just $68.00!

#2: The Stirred Cocktail Set

Stirred Cocktail Set

What better way to start building the ultimate home bar than with our Stirred Cocktail Set? We only use premium tools for the best experience. This makes a perfect gift for any home bartender (including yourself!). It comes in our beautiful gift box, as well.

The set comes with coordinated finishes including:

- "The Flagship" Mixing Glass (22oz) - BIC Originals

- Teardrop Barspoon (12"/30cm) - our top choice for versatility and great weighted balance.

- 2:1 Bell Jigger (w/internal measures). Our silver version comes with our signature Hammered Bell Jigger. If you'd prefer the smooth-walled version, just mention it in the notes when you check out.

- Made in PDX Hawthorne Strainer - BIC Originals - 100% Copper and Brass versions are included with the Copper and Gold Sets. The rest all come with our Silver version.

- Premium Bull In China Gift Box

The Stirred Cocktail Set retails for $110.00.

#3: The Search & Rescue x Bull In China Apron

Search & Rescue x Bull In China Apron

Our first collab with Search & Rescue Denim is the perfect home bar gift for the man or woman in your life this Valentine’s Day.

Before we created this piece, we reached out to some of our favorite apron-loving bartenders in Portland to find out exactly which features were their favorites and which ones were only meh.

After we completed our thorough interview process (read: peppering our bartender friends with questions over happy hour drinks), our final product was ready for production.

Check out the details:

- 100% durable cotton canvas body - We wanted something functional that could easily be thrown into the laundry without any special care, and canvas is the perfect material for it.

- Custom Bull in China pocket design - we worked with our graphic artist to create our very own signature pattern

- Upper pocket is only connected along the upper seam, so the entire pocket pivots with you when you bend over. Genius! (We know). You'll thank us next time your wine key doesn't spill out while you're digging for ice at the bottom of the well.

- Thoughtful pocket designs to store exactly what you need, where you need it.

- Hidden stash pocket on the interior side of the apron for your cash, phone, or whatever else you feel like hiding! It's your secret pocket. Store what you want in there.

- X-style cotton backstraps - Hands down the most comfortable option; because nobody likes to feel like someone is hanging from their neck all night (certain 90s hip hop stars excluded)

You can get this apron for $150.00.

#4: The Neat Pour Glass, Hand-Blown - BIC Originals

Hand-Blown Neat Pour Glasses

There are few better ways to savor a statement dram than with these gorgeous hand-blown glasses. Made here in the Pacific Northwest, we use two different molds to create the three distinctive styles.

The design for the foot is inspired by the many shades of amber, ruby, and gold we find in the best whiskeys, cognacs, and other great liquids best enjoyed neat. 

The design of the glass is meant to concentrate all the aromatics like that perfect floral bouquet.

Every batch is just a little different. Revel in the uniqueness of each glass!

They also come in three styles: Diamond, Spiral, and Pinstripe!

You can get your hands on one of these glasses for $56.00.

#5: Bull In China Gift Card

Bull In China Gift Card

Not sure what your loved one wants? 

Let your giftee decide with a Bull In China gift card, and give them access to some of the most unique barware around!

Purchasing this digital gift card creates a unique code sent via email. The gift card recipient enters this code at checkout to redeem the gift card value from their order. 

Gift cards can be used until the value is exhausted and can always be found! This gift card never expires.

Which Home Bar Gift Will You Be Getting Your Valentine This Year?

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We can’t wait to see what you create!