Hand-Forged Swizzle Stick

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Who's ready to tiki with these hand-forged Swizzle Sticks?

Made right here in Portland with the help of a blacksmith, we've designed our very own interpretation of the Swizzle Stick. They're made of 100% stainless steel rods that we hand twist to create the functional and aesthetically pleasing pattern. it's great for gripping with wet hands, and looks good too!

For the base, we decided to create a propeller-like bottom. While testing out our prototypes, we found this design was great for mixing and moving ice and liquid around INSIDE the glass (or ceramic mug, for that matter). More importantly, when you're ready to pull the swizzle stick OUT of the drink, you won't bring a trail of pebble ice along for the ride (and onto your counter).

Please enjoy another Bull in China Original!


13.8" Long
100% Stainless Steel
Made in the USA