Caring for Copper Barware by Sertodo

Cleaning Time!

Sertodo hand-hammered copper mugs are a beautiful addition to any coffee table, kitchen, or bar cart. We want them to look their best!

So, our friends at Sertodo wrote a blog post on how to spot clean and care for your hand-hammered copper mugs so they'll always be at their best!
Check out their video or follow the link to read their full post.

"Copper mugs are a great addition to any coffee table, kitchen or bar cart.

Apart from looking beautiful on any table top, hand hammered copper mugs are also designed to last for generations. However, over time, your hand hammered copper mugs will start to develop a patina, which is a natural way of shielding the mugs from damage.

If you are not interested in having your hand hammered copper mugs develop this patina, then there are several things that you can do to prevent it. 

Your copper mugs require some special care and cleaning if you want them to stay shiny and beautiful over time..."

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