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We couldn’t find the proper barware to elevate the hospitality experience behind our own bars, so we set out to find the makers who could build something that would make both the career bartender and home cocktail enthusiast comfortable and confident. We found them!

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Professionals Love Bull In China

While our home enthusiast fans love our products, our friends working behind the bars at the finest restaurants, venues, and cocktail bars are the ones that really put our gear to the test. We make our barware for functionality, first and foremost. They just happen to look great too.

Whether in a public space or at home, Bull In China sets the bar higher.

Bring it home!

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Weighted Shaker Tins Set - Bull In ChinaWeighted Shaker Tins Set - Bull In China
Weighted Shaker Tins Set
Sale priceFrom £18.00
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Fine Mesh Strainer - Bull In ChinaFine Mesh Strainer - Bull In China
Fine Mesh Strainer
Sale price£10.00
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Teardrop Barspoon - 12"/30cm (Standard length) - Bull In ChinaTeardrop Barspoon - 12"/30cm (Standard length) - Bull In China
Teardrop Barspoon - 12"/30cm (Standard length)
Sale priceFrom £12.00 Regular price£15.00
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Heavy Duty Peeler - Bull In ChinaHeavy Duty Peeler - Bull In China
Heavy Duty Peeler
Sale price£10.00
Japanese-Style Jigger - Bull In ChinaJapanese-Style Jigger - Bull In China
Japanese-Style Jigger
Sale priceFrom £10.00
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